About Us

RPM Imports New Zealand Limited has been importing the full range of Red Line products since 1997. In this time the market for these products has rapidly expanded from a tiny base. RPM Ltd has concentrated on distribution channels and servicing high performance and high load vehicles to provide substantial credibility and gain endorsements in the New Zealand marketplace. Those initial goals for the company have been achieved and RPM Ltd is now intent on building on that solid foundation. Strategically RPM Ltd intends to deliver its products to a wider market and to provide retailers with support required to grow both the retailers and the importers businesses.

Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp was founded in 1976 to supply lubricants and engine additives to the US market. The founders believed that the future of these products was based on synthetics. Their vision has seen Red Line produce a range of products that provide industry in general and motorists in particular with premium quality products that produce improved efficiency, less environmental pollution and decreased maintenance. They have proved each of these claims with testing in independent laboratories before marketing and remain committed to only making claims that have substantial scientific testing to validate them.

RPM Imports, the exclusive New Zealand importer of these products, seeks to make these products available throughout New Zealand.